Decolonial Discourse Deck (BETA)

Decolonial Discourse Deck (BETA)


The Decolonial Discourse Deck is a must have for modern brands and humans alike. 

This simple yet powerful deck will enable you to critically analyse and unpack the discourse behind projects, brand campaigns, products, stories, art pieces, documentaries, literature and more. 

Whatever it is that you're producing, launching or analyzing  - this deck will ask the most important questions, helping you to identify even the most subtle imperialist narratives and take a progressive decolonial approach to any endeavor.

Be a brand / human of the future. 

This pack is suitable for both teams and individuals.

Additional Info

  • 25 Question Cards, 10 Guidance Cards, Instruction link
  • Approximate Deck Dimensions 64mm x 95mm x 35mm
  • A6 Guidance cards
  • Item shipped within 2-4 days. 
  • Shipping available worldwide.
  • Sent with love. 


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