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The Four Elements of OODEN

I think it’s super important to define terminology from the get go. It’s how we establish clarity, common ground and understand where we’re heading.

So below I’ve provided a micro-introduction to the four foundational concepts of OODEN.


It's the attachment of things like 'ideas' and feelings to stuff like products, places, people, projects & the like.

Brands are Communicative symbols - In the sense that they stand for something. They represent something beyond what they actually are.

Although you’ll often come across branding in the world of business, this isn’t the only place branding lives. It’s all around us.

They speak a universal language - with dialects including archetypes and myth. And this makes it easier for them to connect with all of us, pretty much everywhere.

It's also what infuses them with so much potential, possibility and power.

Now whether that power be used for better, for worse or the outright ambiguous is really up to us.


Semiotics! The foundation of communication. The fabric of existence. The unity behind difference. Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols.

And it covers a lot: including language, brand archetypes, astrology, personality types, the psychology of colour and so much more.

It’s amazing stuff. And I can’t wait to show you why.

Critical Discourse Analysis

It's about exploring narratives & the way we approach a subject. It's about examining the social impact of communication and the ideas that a specific subject conjures in our minds, along with the way that we conceptualise, interpret, remember and digest it. 

In essence, Critical Discourse Analyis about exploring the different layers of meaning within particular narratives. It helps us to understand how ‘power’ is developed through the promotion of dominant ideologies - which tend to be a bi-product of discourse (communication).


Decoloniality is about restoring balance - cultural, psychological, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

It’s about unifying & balancing our perception of opposites - black and white, male and female, east and west, introvert and extrovert.

It’s about dropping our attachment to the dominant ideologies imposed by the ‘Western Capitalist Patriarch’.

Decolonial Branding , then, is about restoring this balance by communicating brand narratives with cultural awareness and pure intent.